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About Kadek Susanto

Kadek, also known as Kris, is an award winning photographer based in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Kris was born in Bali ( Indonesia ) and has been creating different genres of art since he was a boy. He won many awards at school for his drawings and paintings; and at the age of 12 he would sell his art after school as a way to help his family. In 2006 he came to the United States Of America. He was instantly amazed by the landscapes and wildlife here. Instead of drawing or painting what he saw, he bought a camera and began to take pictures. A year later he started working in South Dakota where he met his wife Molly. They’ve always felt at home in the black hills, and shortly after moved to Rapid City, SD. which is where they still live. Now she is his co pilot , and with a growing family they still manage to go explore and capture great shots.
According to kris: ''Taking photographs and painting are the same in my opinion, the exposure, lighting,and the depth of a photography are the same as a painting. However painting requires imagination to create a work of art, while photography requires patience and a constant search for that perfect still moment to capture in a frame. ''
He believes there is always something more to learn, so He will never stop learning and practicing the art of photography.