KS Art Gallery
 Nature Art Photography


                           Our Mission Is To Inspire 

  Through art we are able to open the inmaginations of other and inspire them. Kris hopes that through his photography he inspires people to help preserve the world he captures with a lense. Like Marie Forleo said "If you actually are paying attention to serving, creating, and doing the things that you want to do, you have no space to listen to that negative story. It fades so far into the background, that it becomes virtually nonexistent. If we're not actively engaged in what we're doing, our attention has no other place to go other than to listen to that voice in our mind that says, that we can't do it." We can do it, lets put our positive energy into creating a better future. If one person can make a change, and one change make a difference then we all have the power to do better for this Earth.